NJA Unstaffed Sanctuaries

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On July 3, 1950, NJA acquired its first wildlife sanctuary.  The property, Bennett Bogs, was a donation from W. C. Pritchard and was 3.2 acres of mostly bog habitat.  This was an important donation for NJA, not only because it was the first, but because it was the first of what would become many NJA sanctuaries that contained critical resources - in this case mostly plants.  Today, NJA owns 31 wildlife sanctuaries, holds two easements, and leases another four properties; when combined together, NJA manages over 3,000 acres of wildlife habitat.  More than 1/2 of these properties are home to one or more of the State's threatened or endangered species.  Some of the wildlife sanctuaries are at NJA Centers and information on those properties can be found by clicking here.  

Share your experience through photographs!  NJA encourages visitors to share their wildlife photos on our Flicker site - http://www.flickr.com/groups/njas/

Things to remember when hiking

  • When hiking anywhere in New Jersey, including our wildlife sanctuaries, people are reminded to carry water, snacks, a small first-aid kit and a charged cell-phone. 
  • Hikers should always take appropriate precautions during each season and carry insect repellent and sunscreen during the summer months. 
  • Wear clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather conditions and terrain.
  • During the fall and winter months wear bright clothing such as hunter orange.
  • Depending on the location and terrain, a topographic map and compass are also good items to have on hand, particularly if you are hiking an unfamiliar area.  
  • A common misconception is that because this is New Jersey it is nearly impossible to get lost, however sometimes the hike doesn't go as planned; let family or friends know where you are and when you expect to be home, particularly when hiking remote trails. 
  • And to maximize your wildlife viewing experience, don't forget the binoculars and camera!

Most NJA sanctuaries provide critical habitat to New Jersey's rare wildlife species.  While many of these properties are open to the public, some properties are inaccessible either due to the nature of the species present, or due to lack of parking/access.  To learn more about critical habitat and to learn more about how the NJDEP sets up the habitat rankings click here.

Healthy grasslands, forests and ecosystems provide essential environmental, social and economic benefits to human health and quality of life.  New Jersey's natural wildlife habitats are subject to many threats including non-native invasive species, habitat loss and fragmentation, insects and disease, and overabundant deer populations.  For each sanctuary NJA has specific management tasks to effectively restore and manage wildlife habitat.  Proactive stewardship of New Jersey's wildlifes is critical not only to land protection but to maintaining our native wildlife.

We are always looking for volunteers, most typically neighbors of a property, to help maintain trails and assist in stewardship activities.  If you are interested in volunteering at a sanctuary, please contact NJA at 908-837-9571 or email us at conservation@njaudubon.org .