Tell Us What You See

You read on the Stewardship Blog, about looking at nature differently - now visit our sanctuaries and tell us what you see.  Post your photos to our Flickr page.  Report your bird observations in NJ eBird too.  Winter snows and upcoming spring growth offer excellent opportunities to see a wide variety of wildlife at New Jersey Audubon's wildlife sanctuaries.  Visitors such as yourself are critical to helping us record the various species found on site, from grey squirrels to bobcats, to mink such as the one here, found at our Wattles Stewardship Center on Januray 12, 2013.  Visit our sanctuaries page, pick a spot and take a hike.   This time of year animals can not only be identified by visual encounters, but by their tracks.  Here are some links to get you started. Click on each below and be routed to the site.  

NJ Audubon Sanctuaries   

NJ eBird 

Animal Track Identification  

  Photo by John Parke