South Jersey Gas and New Jersey Audubon to Begin Forest Stewardship Project

South Jersey Gas, in cooperation with New Jersey Audubon’s Corporate Stewardship Council, announced today that it has received NJ Forest Service approval for a Forest Stewardship Plan on 13 acres of forest adjacent to its Cape May divisional office along Route 9 in Swainton. This property has South Jersey Vernal Pool (Kristen Meistrell)(2)also received Forest Stewardship Council® certification, which is an internationally recognized standard for responsible forest management.

Based on the details of the 10 year plan, forest stewardship at this site will focus on enhancing forest health, diversity and integrity. Specifically, steps will be taken to create an enhanced structure to provide varied food sources, nesting and escape cover for birds. In addition, to create a better habitat for reptiles and amphibians, the plan includes the creation of small canopy openings for basking and nesting reptiles; retaining woody debris on the ground for amphibians; and establishing several breeding ponds or vernal pools for amphibians.

Gray Treefrog (Kristen Meistrell)“We’re excited to begin this work in conjunction with New Jersey Audubon and improve the natural areas for both plant and animal life,” said Jeffrey E. DuBois, president of South Jersey Gas. “By implementing this plan, we will create a much more ideal habitat for numerous plants and animals, both common and rare.”

“The property’s location in eastern Cape May County makes it a critical forested habitat for breeding and migrating songbirds and rare frogs and salamanders,” according to John Cecil, New Jersey Audubon’s Vice President for Stewardship. “We are delighted to work with South Jersey Gas on this worthwhile project.”

Both organizations hope to begin plan implementation at the site this Fall.