Old Farm Sanctuary

New Jersey Audubon’s Old Farm Sanctuary is a 151-acre wildlife sanctuary located in Independence Township, NJ.  The site is comprised of forested hillsides containing a mix of oak, red cedar and Norway spruce changing to sugar maple and red maple in the wet areas.  The property is home to a number of unique wildlife species including Cooper’s Hawk, Barred Owl, Red-shouldered Hawk, box turtle, coyote, fox, Jefferson salamander, and Fowler’s toad to name a few. A relatively new resident is a beaver whose hard efforts to slow down Bacon Run Creek, have resulted in a transition of our moderately wet meadow into a mixed wet meadow/pond such that a former trail will be re-routed later this year.  NJA has a forest stewardship plan for the site and is actively managing the forest along with the non-native invasive plants.  Thanks to a local Eagle Scout we have a new kiosk and park benches along the trail. Please visit Charlie Fineran’s Flickr site, https://www.flickr.com/photos/charliefineran/sets/72157626104947130 for more about this dynamic and beautiful site.  If you wish to visit the property a trail map and directions may be found following this link SectionConservation/NJAUnstaffedWildlifeSanctuaries/OldFarmSanctuary.aspx