Have you seen these purple bags?

eabtrapIn an effort to monitor the emerald ash borer (EAB), the US Department of Agriculture has placed EAB traps at NJA’s Deerpath Sanctuary, the Turkey Hill Preserve section, in Hunterdon County.  The EAB is an invasive pest of ash trees that has become established in the central United States and has caused the destruction of millions of ash trees throughout the US.  The EAB has been detected in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland – very close to, but not yet in, New Jersey.  Do your part to help protect NJ:  Do not move firewood – buy local/burn local; Inspect your trees for any sign of EAB; Spread the word to neighbors and friends about EAB; Know local State and Federal Regulations; Ask Questions.  A couple of the web links below can help you help New Jersey.  http://www.emeraldashborer.info/        http://na.fs.fed.us/fhp/eab/       http://www.nj.gov/dep/parksandforests/forest/community/Emerald_Ash_Borer.htm