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A Message From Pete Dunne


Dear Members and Friends,


I share the following from the desk of Pete Dunne, an icon and mentor, ambassador and birding rock star, and a friend. 


As New Jersey Audubon's longest serving staff person with 37 years of service to this stellar organization, I am brought to realize that the time has come for me to transition into a life offering other (and hopefully no less satisfying) opportunities than the ones I have known with my colleagues as supported by NJ Audubon's membership.  Accordingly in the Summer of 2014, I intend to transition from my job as CMBO Director, continuing my working relationship with NJ Audubon in the capacity of a "bird watching ambassador" where my experience can continue to be brought to bear to advance New Jersey Audubon's mission.  While I will certainly continue to assist CMBO, particularly with regards to programs and special events, its direction and operation will be in the hands of others. 


It has been my pleasure to serve under four different Directors/Presidents and an incomparable host of talented and dedicated colleagues--none finer than those I serve with now.  As someone whose tenure goes more than half way back to New Jersey Audubon's first "Secretary" (i.e Director Beecher Bowdish) I have seen a great deal of institutional change.  I make this transition with immense pride at what has been accomplished and in anticipation of a future in which New Jersey Audubon continues to be a conservation leader.


Sincerely and with thanks to all I am, 

Pete Dunne


P.S.  Yes I plan to write.


Pete has touched many lives through the wonder of birds and birding.  As a birder, teacher, natural history maven and master chronicler of the natural world, I want to personally thank Pete for all he has accomplished as CMBO Director and will accomplish as our top ambassador. 


Please join me in thanking Pete and stay tuned for more information to come.



Eric Stiles

President & CEO

New Jersey Audubon Society
November 13, 2013

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   - Margaret Mead

Founded in 1897, and one of the oldest independent Audubon societies, NJAS is not connected with the National Audubon Society.