Backyard Habitat
World of Backyard Habitats

Each year, 15,000  acres of New Jersey are converted from agricultural or forest lands for other uses.  Unfortunately, conventional development substantially reduces the benefit of these lands for native wildlife.  While we are diligently working to help preserve and improve larger tracts of land, New Jersey Audubon encourages every property owner, regardless of property size, to steward their property for the benefit of wildlife.  

In just a few easy steps, you can turn your yard, balcony or patch of grass into a wildlife habitat.

Do it yourself with the information provided here, join us for a class/workshop that helps take you through the process, step by step or visit one of our centers that provide examples of how to garden for wildlife here in NJ.  

New Jersey Audubon is proud to be the New Jersey affiliate of National Wildlife Federation, and enthusiastically supports NWF's Garden for Wildlife Program

 2016 NJ Audubon Native Plant Sales  - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Visit a NJ Audubon Center near you to learn more. 


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