Birding Sites
Delaware Water Gap/Old Mine Road

From the last exit on Route 80 in New Jersey, leave Route 80 and at the bottom of the ramp, turn left under Route 80 and go back to the parking lot at the National Recreation Area Visitor Center. Scan the Delaware River for eagles (both in trees and aloft), and watch for Common Raven, Black Vulture, various raptors and Common Merganser. Then proceed north on Old Mine Road (if open -- sometimes snowed out). Stop at Worthington Forest Campground and Poxono Island (parking areas both places) to scan the trees and the ice for Bald Eagles. Then proceed north again on Old Mine Road to Route 615 up to Layton, and turn left in Layton toward Dingman's Bridge over the river. Pay the toll and cross to Pennsylvania. Go immediately left into the parking lot next to the river and plant yourself a while. You'll see flyover eagles and sometimes you'll see them land in trees nearby. On the way to and from Dingman's, watch for turkeys, pileated woodpecker, winter finches, bluebirds, other raptors, and Northern Shrike at the Flatbrook Management Area on Route 615 before you come to Layton. In the open places in the river, watch for mergansers and goldeneyes.

--Rich Kane