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Oberly Road

From Rte. 78, go to the last exit in NJ. Make the jughandle turn at the traffic light, following the signs for Alternate 22 West. Follow the jughandle around and go across the highway. Follow Alternate 22 West to the next light and turn left onto 519 south. Just after passing Jonathan's Pumpernickel Pub, turn right on Rte. 642. Take it to a left on Carpentersville Road, and then go left on Oberly Road. Park at the crest of the rise. Scan the fields for wintering harrier and short-eared owl. Watch the corn stubble and the manure patches for snow bunting, horned lark (several hundred, usually, and occasional lapland longspur, as well as meadowlark. Other raptors are also possible. Often the larks and buntings are right on the road.

-- Rich Kane