Calendar of Events
How to Use Our New Online Calendars

It's now easier and faster to find information about our
programs and events using our new  
Online Calendars!  Here's how they work:

Calendar and Special Event links appear in the left-hand navigation bar on this page.  Or, from any page in this web site, click on the "Calendar" link shown above in the horizontal navigaton bar for a list of Calendars and Special Events.

Each Center Calendar first appears in “Calendar View,” showing the events for the current month in chronological order –


You can select a different month by clicking on the "Date" box –



If you prefer to see the events as a List, click on the "List View" link – 



In the "List View" you can change the date range by clicking on the "Date Range" box –


In both the "Calendar View" and "List View" you can filter the calendar by Event Category.  Click on the "Show Event Filter" link –



The names of all Calendar Categories will appear.  (In the case of the combined calendar, the list of all the Center Calendars will also appear.) Check or uncheck the category names to show only the events in the categories that you're interested in –



In both "Calendar View" and "List View," when you click on the name of an event, an "Event Details" page appears which contains all information about the event –


 If there is a "Map" link in the event description, it will take you a Google Map showing the event location.  If there is a "More Information" link in the event description, it will take you to an additional web page for that event or it's venue.