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Straight from New Jersey fields to your backyard feeder!


              Photo: Bill Dalton

Do you want birdseed that does more than just feed the birds?

Directly from "Field to Feeder," S.A.V.E.™ black-oil sunflower birdseed is the freshest and only locally grown birdseed that you can buy in New Jersey. S.A.V.E.™ birdseed is grown by New Jersey farmers and it supports the mission of New Jersey Audubon. S.A.V.E.™ birdseed can be conveniently purchased through New Jersey Audubon or from one of our participating retailers throughout the state.

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Our Bird Seed Sale Days take place at most of our Nature Stores
on the first full weekend weekend of each month!

2015 Dates

Photo: Jim O'Malley

January 3-4
February 7-8
March 7-8
April 4-5
May 2-3
June 6-7

July 4-5
August 1-2
September 5-6
October 3-4
November 7-8
December 5-6

S.A.V.E.™ seed is available at regular prices.
Members receive a 20% discount on all other seed brands!

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OTHER SEED AVAILABLE: Nyjer seed attracts Goldfinch and in some years, Common Redpoll and Pine Siskin. Spread some mixed seed on the ground, since not all birds feed from hanging feeders. Spreading cracked corn on the ground attracts Wild Turkey. Suet cakes attract many species of birds, particularly woodpeckers and Carolina Wren. Put suet in a cage to discourage squirrels. All birds seem to like the woodpecker mix. Clean your feeders regularly to keep the birds healthy. Enjoy!

Read Five Tips to Easy Backyard Birdfeeding by Pete Dunne

Thank you for supporting the work of NJAS by purchasing your bird seed at your local center. New Jersey Audubon stores, operated as part of our Education Department, are committed to offering you quality products that open doors and minds to the natural world.

Your patronage at the stores and the bird seed sales directly supports the conservation, education and research objectives of New Jersey Audubon Society.