Cape May Bird Observatory
International Relationships

New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory is pleased to announce the formation of a formal Friendship Agreement between ourselves and Spurn Bird Observatory (UK) and Falsterbo Bird Observatory (Sweden). Through this agreement we will promote international relationships and share best practice across the globe to further the cause of environmental awareness around the world.

Our respective members will benefit from the arrangement through special discounts to encourage inter observatory visits to raise the awareness of bird migration on an international scale.



The Friendship Agreement between our respective observatories enables certain mutual benefits to be enjoyed by:

Members of New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory

Friends of Spurn and

‘Supporters’ of Falsterbo Bird Observatory

Information in advance of a visit to assist with their visit.

 Recent bird sightings and scheduling of events which may be of interest. 

A personal meet and greet arrangement on arrival with a key member of observatory staff.

 Members-only birding privileges (i.e. The Rea Farm/Beanery in Cape May).

A guided tour of the observatory main buildings and grounds, subject to staff availability.

Access to special experiences, such as observing a ringing/banding session or other research project work.

Expert advice on birding identification, weather conditions for migration etc.

A summary of the birding highlights and other interesting information to be produced seasonally/ annually, for circulation to Friends/Members/Supporters via observatory newsletters.

Certain discounts may be available periodically to Friends, Members and Supporters for the respective Observatories’ products and services. * 

* Information available via the “International Friendship Representatives” for the observatory being visited (see below)

Any Friend, Member or Supporter intending to visit one of the other observatories and wanting to take advantage of any the mutual benefits described above, should first contact the “International Friendship Representative” for the observatory being visited, as listed below.

For New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory, please contact the Program Registrar, Jessica Schera

For Falsterbo Bird Observatory, please contact Björn Malmhagen

For Spurn Bird Observatory, please contact Nick Whitehouse