Cape May Bird Observatory
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     S O L D   O U T

Friday, October 25

Tom Stephenson &

Scott Whittle 


The Overlooked ID Points

that Make Identifying

Warblers Easy

Our warblers are some of the most beautiful birds of the world. But their beautiful colors often blind birders to many of their most important ID points.
This problem is compounded by the often brief and obstructed views we have in the field.

In their new, critically acclaimed book The Warbler Guide, Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle tackle this problem and come up with some useful answers.  Their talk will discuss many of these very important but often overlooked ID points such as overall contrast, subtle facial features, color impressions, feather edging, rump contrast, and foraging style, location, and behavior. They will show that even partial views of the bird can be valuable and even diagnostic, and that with the right information every look at a bird can be a good look!

The Warbler Guide revolutionizes birdwatching, making warbler identification easier than ever before. This groundbreaking guide features more than 1,000 stunning color photos, extensive species accounts with multiple viewing angles, and an entirely new system of vocalization analysis that helps you effectively learn songs and calls.

Tom Stephenson’s articles and photos have appeared in Birding and Bird Watcher’s Digest, at surfbirds.com, and in the Handbook of the Birds of the World. He has guided groups across the United States and Asia. A musician, he has had several Grammy and Academy Award winners as clients, and was director of technology at Roland Corporation.

Scott Whittle lives in Cape May, New Jersey, and has twenty years of experience as a professional photographer and educator. He holds an MFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York, is a fellow of the Macdowell Colony, and is a onetime New York State big year record holder.


You do not have to be a festival participant to join us on Friday, October 25 for this program, but advanced registration is required ($30/person).


    S O L D   O U T

Saturday, October 26

John Kricher

Conservations, Connections, and

150 Million Years of Birding

John writes extensively about ecology and natural history, especially about the ecology of the Americas with ornithology being his principal area of expertise. He has an abiding interest in life in the past, especially birds.  His talk will take us on a whirlwind journey through time, from ancient bird life to recent, as well as a quick look at what the future might hold. The focus will be on how and why we uniquely connect with birds, and why that connection is actually really important for ourselves and our planet.

John is a Professor of Biology at Wheaton College in Massachusetts who spends much time birding and is involved in both professional and amateur bird organizations.  Past president of Wilson Ornithological Society, Association of Field Ornithologists, and Nuttall Ornithological Club, he has served on the board of directors of the American Birding Association, New Jersey Audubon Society, and Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. Currently on the Council of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, John likes to study dinosaurs, visiting museums and field sites, and has included dinosaurs in his courses.  John also has an extensive collection of model dinosaurs  which he often brings to labs for his students to enjoy.

Saturday, October 26

Meets the Authors Book Signing and Social


 Bill Boyle, Cameron Cox, Pete Dunne, Elizabeth Gehrman, John

Kricher, Kevin Karlson, Michael O'Brien, Tom Stephenson, Scott

Whittle, Louise Zemaitis...

A limited selection of titles will be available at the book signing.  Please purchase your books in advance at our center or at Cape May Convention Hall; or feel free to bring your well read copies from home. Books make wonderful gifts.