Cape May Bird Observatory
School of Birding

Cape May Bird Observatory has a long track record for providing a wide range of indoor and outdoor wildlife events that are both fun and educaitonal.  Under the heading of the Cape May School of Birding, you will find a range of events offered that will help take your birding and other natural history interests to the next level.

Our School of Birding program includes both workshops and birding breaks -- simply choose the one that suits your tastes.

Why Join a Cape May School of Birding Program?
      - Fun, attentive, world-class leaders on every workshop and birding break.
A chance to visit one of the truly best birding places on the planet. 
      - Meet great, like-minded people for lasting memories...and friendships.  
      - Be a better birder and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment when you are done. 
      - Registration fees help support the mission of NJ Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory.

Workshop or Birding Break?
How do you decide whether you would like a workshop or a birding break? 

Birding Breaks are short birdwatching vacations, but with a learning element. Our Birding Breaks offer you much more than a basic walk; our leaders are all selected as being experts in their field and, though the accent will be on woatching birds and having fun, there will also be a teaching element to these trips.  Weather permitting, most or all of your time will be spent out in the field.  Participant to leader ration on Birding Breaks is 12:1 or better.
Click here for a current list of Birding Breaks

Workshops take the teaching element one step further.  While most of your time will still be spent in the field, Cape May Workshops generally contain a greater indoor element than Birding Breaks, with a classroom session that allows plenty of time for theory, to complement the practice in the field.  Leaders are all experts intheir subjects, but workshops are pitched at a level that makes them easy to understand.  Participant to leader ratio on Workshops is 10:1 or better.  Click here for a current list of Workshops

Thousands of CMBO Workshop alumni are out there in the field, applying the skills they learned in Cape May. Read what they have to say about CMBO's Cape May Birding Workshops.

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