Cape May Bird Observatory
Participant Reviews

...terrific leaders...teaching us all the time, yet made it seem effortless and very enjoyable.  As we drove home we reminded ourselves of all that we learned and it was quite a long list for just 2 days.  The photo opportunities and the introduction to NJ habitat we had not visited before were added bonuses.
- Kevin D. Casey, Alexandria, VA [Winter Raptors Workshop]

I am still gushing over what a great time I had.  Loved meeting and getting to know other class participants and the instructors, who were so accessible.
- Pam Higginbotham, Atlanta, GA [Raptor Migration Workshop]

I am looking forward to being able to spend a long, leisurely day learning side-by-side with another real-life expert.  It is an opportunity to be able to learn from people who really know their stuff compared to going out with friends and stumbling around, frustrated.
- Elle McGee, Maryland

CMBO workshops...hours of deep satisfaction, punctuated by spikes of pure joy.
- Hank O'Brien, Summit, NJ [multi-workshop participant]

I really enjoyed the Dragonfly Workshop.  Hope we do it again.  Thanks again for a great time.
- Pat Perkins, Abingdon, MD

...most excellent in their direction, explanation, anticipation and patience.  Very well organized and considerate.  I look forward to the fall class.
- Nan Becker, Newton, NJ [multi-workshop participant]