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Read the latest comments on birding in New Jersey from Bird Program Director Pete Bacinski.  Depending on what's happening in birding in the particular week, Pete talks about interesting sightings, good places to go birding, seasonal birding tips, notable nature phenomena, etc.  There's also lots of pictures relevant to the week's posting.  Look for a new posting weekly -- usually on Thursdays.   Read the latest blog post.. 


New Jersey eBird

All Things Birds Program Director SCOTT BARNES is head honcho at this local portal for eBird, the online system created by National Audubon and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, where you can record, access, and summarize your birding checklists as well as view the data of others.


Also available at this site are NJ birding-related articles, such as the one on Gregg Cantrell's planned NJ Big Year to raise money for NJ Audubon's Citizen Science programs.

 Another post of interest:  "Return of the Raven" by Rick Radis


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