Duke Farms


Check the Duke Farms website for any updates and details on property conditions.

Spring/Summer Hours:  Thursday through Tuesday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; closed on Wednesday)

Details at:  www.dukefarms.org 

New Jersey Audubon has been working closely with Duke Farms as they transformed the more than 2700 acre property located in Hillsborough into an environmental center.  The NJ Audubon Education Department has been conducting on-site programming and is constantly working with Duke Farms to plan expanded long-term educational activities on the property.  NJ Audubon Research and Conservation departments are also working with Duke Farms staff to improve wildlife habitat and measure the success of land stewardship activities. 

There are changes in the Bike Share program this year that will unfortunately preclude the use of Duke Farms bicycles on Birding by Bicycle programs, at least for now.  There will also be upcoming changes to the Tram route.  Details will be available on the Duke Farms web site as they are instituted

Duke Farms 2014 Bioblitz will occur on June 28! This year, the BioBlitz will include an expanded public participation section.  Check the link to the Duke Farms page for public programs and keep checking over the next couple of weeks for updates.  If you are interested in participating on one of the survey teams, contact Michael Pollock for additional information.

Contact Us

J. Michael Pollock

NJAS On-site Teacher/Naturalist


Dale Rosselet

VP of Education


Individual programs are conducted by New Jersey Audubon staff and Associate Naturalists from throughout the organization.

Educational Programming

JOIN us for an exciting educational program at Duke Farms.


Registration MUST be done through Duke Farms. Call (908) 722-3700 between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. or on-line in the Program section of the Duke Farms Website at:  http://www.dukefarms.org


Research and Conservation

The NJA Research Department and Citizen Scientists have been monitoring bird populations throughout the Duke Farms property.  Again this year, there were abundant nesting grasshopper sparrows, bobolink, and kestrel in the grasslands.  


NJA will be coordinating the 2014 Bioblitz at Duke Farms on June 28.  If you are interested in, and have some experience with, conducting any animal or plant survey's, or interpreting the natural world for the public during this event please contact Michael Pollock.