Plainsboro Preserve
Stewardship at the Plainsboro Preserve


Cavity nesting American Kestrels sharing parental duties at the Plainsboro Preserve 


We strive to provide many diverse opportunities for the community to interact with and learn about nature. We have a rich history of connecting people with nature through programming and a variety of stewardship initiatives. 


What is Stewardship? 
 Stewardship is the planned process of revitalizing habitats through best land management practices. Our goal is to bring the landscape back to a natural state. The preserve is a mosaic of habitats that begin with the underlying soil structure and hydrology creating suitable homes for plant communities. These varied plant communities in turn provide food resources and shelter to a host of animal species.

Many of our stewardship initiatives are completed by dedicated volunteers and partner organizations from our local community. We work with a host of civic organizations, corporations, individuals, and a dynamic partnership with the Township of Plainsboro. These dedicated citizen stewards have installed nest boxes and mapped their locations, bat boxes, removed invasive plants, and installed native gardens.


New Jersey Audubon's Stewardship department has created a Forest Stewardship Plan for the Plainsboro Preserve. Please feel free to take a look through this in depth survey and action plan. Any comments or concerns?  We would like to hear them- please email plainsboro@njaudubon.org



We are always looking for volunteers interested in our Citizen Science Programs:

 FeederWatch: From November until March we participate in an international Citizen Science project called Project FeederWatch. Volunteers document birds that visit our feeder station located in the Nature Center for about an hour each session. Each weekend we will have a staff person to help you get started identifying the common species and recording your data. Volunteers can come once, once a month, or for both sequential count days. 


Bird Nest Box Monitoring: Each year we have volunteers monitor and observe the nearly 100 Cavity Nest Boxes at the Preserve. Our monitoring begins at the start of breeding season in April and goes through August. Each individual or family interested will be assigned a group of boxes to check in on each week for the span of a month.


Interested in hearing more?

Contact Anna by email- anna.wright.piersanti@njaudubon.org or by phone 609-897-9400


 Click here to download a volunteer application