Sandy Hook Bird Observatory
South Amboy Sightings

Interesting and unusual birds photographed in South Amboy in recent times include:

Brant photo by Scott Barnes At least one Black Brant continues to winter around the western reaches of Raritan Bay, often splitting its time between the south shore of Staten Island and the athletic fields at South Amboy's Waterfront Park.  Note how the white flanks of the Black Brant (front bird) are bordered entirely by black and that the dark coloration on the lower breast and belly extends back behind the legs.  This bird was photographed on Feb. 28, 2009, by Scott Barnes.

This Little Gull in immature plumage was photographed along with a Bonaparte's Gull in the Morgan section of South Amboy in May of 2005.  Little Gulls are annual visitors in small numbers during spring migration. Little Gull photo by Tommy Boyle

Black-headed Gull photo by Tommy Boyle  


An immature Black-headed Gull  (in front of the Laughing Gull) was in the Morgan area May to July 2005.