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Birding vs. Bird Watching

By Margo D. Beller It’s funny how one can have all the media in the world at your fingertips and still miss important news. I was looking up information before a recent trip to Cape May and found an off-hand reference to “Pete Dunne’s st...

The WSB and the Return of the Waterthrush

By Margo D. Beller Thirty years ago, in early May, Pete Dunne and his team – with a special guest appearance by Roger Tory Peterson – went out to find as many birds as possible in the state of New Jersey in one day.  Pete, then as now, was based in C...

Hawking with Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne is a big deal. He helped create the annual World Series of Birding and had Roger Tory Peterson on his team. He writes books - a lot of books (Google “Pete Dunne” and see how many) - alone and with others including his photographer wife Linda....