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The Perils of Travel

By Margo D. Beller (@MargoDBeller) At this time of year, people go on vacation. If you have a family, you travel in summer before the kids have to go back to school and the daylight ends early. Whether it is by car, plane or train, travel can be exciting,...

The ‘Glittering Fragment of the Rainbow’

By Margo D. Beller It is dusk in New Hampshire. It is raining and unusually cold for late May and I am sitting on my brother-in-law’s wide, covered porch. As it darkens, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird comes to one of the two feeders hung from a support...

Hawking with Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne is a big deal. He helped create the annual World Series of Birding and had Roger Tory Peterson on his team. He writes books - a lot of books (Google “Pete Dunne” and see how many) - alone and with others including his photographer wife Linda....