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We have programs for every member of the family:

School Programs

Birthday Parties 


Programs for Teachers

Programs and Lectures for Adult Groups


School Programs

To register for any of the following programs, or for more information, please call (908) 766-5787 or e-mail Stephanie Punnett. 

Have one of our teacher naturalists come to your classroom for a program about plants and/or animals (not just birds)! Or get out of the classroom for a day by scheduling a field trip to our center! 

At the Sanctuary: programs run from 90 minutes  to 2 hours. Fee: $5.00 per student, $100 minimum, a second program on the same day $4.00 per student. The maximum number of students is 45 per trip.

Outreach Programs at Your School: programs are 1 hour, and program extensions require an additional half hour. Fee: $150 per program plus mileage over 10 miles, $100 per additional program on the same day, and $75 for a program extension. 

 Click Here to download the School Program Brochure (PDF format)


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Scout Programs

Fee: For after-school scout groups the fee is $5 per scout, min. $50.

Location: The Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary.

We can often incorporate specific badge requirements into a general interpretive hike.

Scout Program Topics (these are suggestions, but we can incorporate other nature programs to suit individual needs)

Boy Scouts

Wolf: Birds, Outdoor Adventure

Bear: Sharing your world with wildlife

Webelos: Forester, Geologist, Naturalist


Girl Scouts

Brownies: Eco-Explorer, Plants, Watching Wildlife, Water Everywhere

Junior Girl Scouts: Earth Connections, Plants and Animals, Rocks Rock


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Programs for Teachers

Professional Development Workshops

NJAS is a registered professional development provider with the state of New Jersey. 

NJAS conducts regularly scheduled Professional Development Workshops statewide.
See the list of current workshops.

NJAS Core Professional Development Workshops can be conducted for your school or group at the Sanctuary or at your school or center as an in-service. The core workshops are Bridges to the Natural World, NJ W.A.T.E.R.S., and Sense of Place.

Call (908) 766-5787 to inquire about or to schedule a workshop.


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Programs and Lectures for Adult Groups

Professional naturalists from NJAS's Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary are available to present programs about birds and other wildlife, geology, and conservation to your group.

Our programs are suitable for a wide range of interests, from garden clubs to nature clubs, to seniors and other adult organizations.

To schedule a program, call (908) 766-5787 or email Stephanie Punnett. 

Length: The programs listed here run approximately 1 hour but can usually be tailored to fit your needs.

Fees: Programs given at your site cost $150 per presentation, with an additional mileage charge for distances greater than 10 miles round-trip from Bernardsville.

        Programs given at the Sanctuary cost $100 per presentation. (Programs combined with a room reservation for a one hour club meeting can also be arranged for $150.)

  Birding Basics: Learn how to use a field guide, how to choose and use binoculars, and most importantly how to identify birds. Learn how to enjoy America's fastest-growing outdoor pastime.
  Feeding and Identifying Backyard Birds: Most people learn about birds by putting up a feeder in their yard. Learn about the different types of feeders and the birds that they attract. We will discuss the do's and don'ts of putting up feeders.
  Wild Journeys - Bird Migration in NJ: This program delves into the mysteries and mechanics of bird migration through NJ.  Over 90% of the state's 350 bird species are migratory. While some travel only a few miles, others span the continent. How and why do they do it?
  Birds that Hunt - The Hawks, Falcons, & Eagles of NJ: Over 40 pairs of Bald Eagles nest in NJ, Peregrine Falcons have re-occupied the cliffs of the Palisades, and a Sharp-shinned Hawk has been hunting songbirds at your feeder. Learn about these magnificent animals and their lives.
  The Birds of Summer - NJ Nesting Birds: From robins to rails, from swallows to sparrows, summer is the peak of bird nesting in the Northeast. Learn about the habitats where each species nests and how they raise their young.

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Other Wildlife
  Mammals - The Natural History of Everyone's Favorites: Can opossums hang from their tails? What's the most important mammal in a meadow habitat? What should you do if you see a bear?
  Butterflies and Moths: A powerpoint presentation will highlight life cycles, the differences between butterflies and moths, and plants important for their survival. 
  Butterflies of NJ: Although many butterflies will visit flowers planted in your yard, there are other species you will only find in their native habitats. This program focuses on the identification of the main groups of NJ butterflies and their habitat needs.
  Nature's Artwork - Wildflowers: Ever wondered what that flower growing by the side of the road is called? This program is tailored to the season and region, presenting common wildflowers and how to identify them.

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  Backyard Habitats for Birds, Butterflies, and Other Wildlife: Bird feeders and a butterfly garden are great ways to attract wildlife to your garden, but they are only the beginning. This program examines backyard habitats as a whole and stresses the importance of backyard habitats and native plants to wildlife throughout our area.
  Forests at Risk - Threats to Habitat Health: What is a healthy forest, anyway? More than trees, forests should be incredibly diverse systems, from the leaf litter to the canopy. Forces from within and without are threatening our forests. Learn what they are and what you can do to protect our forests.

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Birthday Parties at Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary


Click here to download our Birthday Party Brochure.

Would your child like a nature-themed birthday celebration with an educational lesson led by an experienced naturalist? If so, you may want to contact the sanctuary to find out about program offerings. Our beautiful new learning center can be rented for 2 and ½ hours to hold your child’s party. We provide a one hour lesson on a seasonally appropriate topic of your choice such as Reptiles and Amphibians, Feathered Friends, and Happy Habitats. The party rate for up to 15 children is $250 which includes the use of our adjacent kitchenette, tables, chairs, and trash receptacles. If you are interested in having your party at the sanctuary, please call (908) 766-5787 for details, or e-mail Stephanie Punnett. 


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