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Grassland Bird Surveys
This project is a collaborative effort of New Jersey Audubon (NJA), and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program (ENSP). The data collected by volunteers will be used for management purposes by the NJ ENSP Landscape Project and the Landowner Incentive Program.

The purpose of this project is:

  • To assess changes in abundance and distribution of grasslands bird populations breeding in New Jersey
  • To determine how habitat and landscape characteristics influence grassland birds so that we can implement sound management strategies

Why a grassland bird survey in New Jersey?

Grassland habitat in the Northeast has been disappearing rapidly due to urban sprawl.

Grassland bird declines have been documented in Breeding Bird Surveys for New Jersey.

Less than 8% of land in New Jersey is in cropland pastureland of 100 acres or greater.


New Jersey has preserved 14% of its farmland, a higher percentage than any other state, and is launching a new Land Incentive Program.


2013 Grassland Surveys


Grassland Survey 2013

We will start recruiting competent volunteers to undertake surveys for grassland birds along established routes and in managed grasslands, and to collect data on bird abundance and habitat characteristics in February 2013.

Participants must have some familiarity with grassland birds and be willing to improve their skills!  Each volunteer will be expected to visit their study area 2 times during the period May 1st - June 30, twice for bird counts and twice to record habitat characteristics.  Additional training in identification and counting methodology will be provided by NJ Audubon in April 2013.

Laura Stern
11 Hardscrabble Road
PO Box 693, Bernardsville NJ 07924

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Results of 2005 grassland surveys

For more information contact: Nellie Tsipoura