Conservation Overview

Click Here to play a Radio Spot (MP3 file) recorded by Tom Gilmore, President of NJAS and Chair of the NJ Keep it Green Campaign.  The NJ Keep it Green Campaign is a coalition of 135 groups, seeking continued funding for the Garden State Preservation Trust and for preservation of our clean water and beautiful open spaces including our parks, farmland and historic places. 

Made with Jersey Grown Wood

New Birdhouses and Birdfeeders Made with Jersey Grown Wood

Find out more information on our birdhouses and birdfeeders made with Jersey Grown wood as well as how these and other products are doing their part to connect environmentally friendly NJ farms and businesses to consumers with a conscience. Click here to learn more.

Photo: Kevin Karlson

Click here to read "Burden of Proof," an article by NJAS Vice President for Research and Monitoring, David S. Mizrahi, Ph.D., which summarizes the efforts made to preserve shorebirds and horseshoe crabs in Delaware Bay.

The New Jersey Keep It Green Campaign
Investing in Our Communities through the Garden State Preservation Trust

New Jersey has been a national leader in preserving open space, historic sites and farmland over the past decade. However, the fund that makes us that leader - the Garden State Preservation Trust (GSPT) - has run out of money for new preservation projects.  NJAS helped launch a campaign in November 2006 to call on the Legislature and the Governor to ensure passage of legislation by the end of March 2007 which resulted in a November 2007 ballot referendum to renew and strengthen the GSPT.  

NJAS Stewardship Program
Actively managing your property for wildlife can give you the personal satisfaction of conserving resources for present and future generations. In fact, most rare species in New Jersey are found on privately owned lands.  In New Jersey, wildlife is critically threatened by encroaching development and loss or fragmentation of habitat.

Verizon recently won the Governor's Environmental Excellence Award for its habitat restoration work with the New Jersey Audubon Society.  Click Here for more information, and to view a video of the award presentation.

A new ecotourism and education project, the New Jersey Birding and Wildlife Trails Guides, is now available. Driving tours throughout the Delaware Bayshore and the Hackensack River Watershed can be accessed here .

Habitat Protection Rule Campaign
Overdevelopment threatens New Jersey's wildlife and open spaces, particularly areas critical to the survival of threatened and endangered species. In order to ensure the immediate protection of this habitat, NJAS and a coalition of over 40 environmental and sportsmen's groups, affordable housing advocates and environmental justice activists are calling for regulations to protect this critical habitat. We need your help to ensure the survival of our rare species.

NJAS has launched the New Jersey Important Bird and Birding Areas Program.  To find out more about this exciting new conservation initiative and to get involved, Click here.


New Jersey Audubon is partnering with the American Bird Conservancy on Cats Indoors! -- The Campaign for Safer Birds and Cats.

New Jersey Audubon Society is part of a coalition of groups working to address global warming and alternative energy sources.  Click here and see what New Jersey Audubon Society is doing about Global Warming.


Conservation Reports & Opinions 


Periodic updates on conservation issues of national, state and local significance, and a chronicle of New Jersey Audubon Society conservation efforts.  Click Here for the current Report.

NJAS Opinions

Where does New Jersey Audubon stand on conservation issues? Here are our latest opinion statements, as well as an archive of past opinion statements. Click Here for the current Opinion statement.

Tools for Conservation

Click Here for ideas and suggestions of ways that all citizens can aid in conservation efforts.

Threatened and Endangered Species