What We Do

New Jersey Audubon's Government Relations department provides a strong voice for advancing the goal of making New Jersey a better place for people and wildlife.

We work in coordination with other departments within New Jersey Audubon to develop policy positions founded in science and supportive of the Society's overall mission and conduct outreach, advocacy, and partnership-building to advance these positions.

In these endeavors, we seek to:

  • Protect and steward our most environmentally fragile land and wildlife habitat for future generations
  • Protect and conserve New Jersey's wildlife, including threatened and endangered species
  • Protect New Jersey’s clean water supply, and our rivers, lakes, and streams
  • Protect and improve New Jersey's air quality
  • Increase and enhance opportunities for New Jerseyans to enjoy and explore their natural world
  • Increase environmental literacy

Check out the latest issue of the New Jersey Audubon Trenton Flyway to learn more about our most recent efforts!

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