Ecological Forestry

Ecological Forestry

Hovnanian Sanctuary Forest Management

Situated in the north eastern corner of the New Jersey Pine Barrens CMP Pinelands Reserve boundary and within the Pinelands Management Area, the land in and around the 512.78 acre Hovnanian Sanctuary ("Sanctuary") is a unique piece of New Jersey landscape in both flora and fauna.   The Sanctuary and surrounding area is listed as the Crossley Railroad Corridor Macrosite by the New Jersey Natural Heritage Program.  The area has been given a B4 ranking because it was an "Excellent site for State Endangered and Threatened animal species". In fact, the Sanctuary and surrounding habitats are home to a number of State-listed endangered and threatened species as well as species of special concern.  New Jersey Audubon Society is concerned about the integrity of the Pine Barrens ecosystem and is embarking on an ecological forest management project that addresses best practices to forest management.  Managing this sensitive habitat demands long-range planning that reflects vision, science and people. Ultimate success for this Sanctuary and the New Jersey Pine Barrens as a whole requires the support and collaborative land management efforts of public and private land owners, and environmental education and outreach programs designed to raise awareness and appreciation for this unique ecosystem.  It is our goal to have Hovnanian Sanctuary serve as a demonstration site for successful, ecologically sensitive management with objectives to restore and enhance critical habitat.

Forest Stewardship in Important Bird Areas (IBA)

The Pinelands IBA is host to a myriad of plant and animal species of conservation need. For many forested land owners, providing wildlife habitat is a high priority. Active stewardship using the principles of ecological forestry can benefit forest-dwelling wildlife as well as improve habitat conditions for unique Pine Barrens plants. The New Jersey Audubon Society's Important Bird Areas Project is in our third year of an outreach plan that provides information to private forested landowners, public land managers and the general public about forest management techniques that improve habitat for declining species of plants and wildlife.

To learn more about forest stewardship and the Hovnanian Sanctuary Forest Stewardship Plan, contact Jean Lynch, Stewardship Project Director- South Region.

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