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First Confirmed Hatching of Wild Bobwhite Quail in Pinelands in over 3 Decades


NJ Bobwhite Quail Restoration Initiative update - We are very excited to share a picture of the hatched bobwhite quail equail in grass (Parke)ggs, 13 of 14 eggs at one of the 6 active nests hatched at the Pine Island Cranberry study site, the first wild hatched quail in the NJ Pinelands in nearly 3 decades!  A total of 8 nests have been found on site, however 2 failed due to predation.  NJ Audubon project researcher, Kaili Stevens, a graduate student from the University of Delaware, who have been monitoring survival and movement of the released wild quail through radio-telemetry discovered the hatched eggs on June 22nd.  Chicks were confirmed hiding in the vegetation near the nest!!  Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project to restore a much beloved species to the Pinelands though translocation and active forest management and stewardship!

To find out how you can help support this project to bring back this iconic species of NJ’s natural heritage please see bobwhite.njaudubon.org

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