Activity Levels Defined


Be Prepared!

In addition to being properly prepared for the trip in terms of attire and optical equipment, for maximum enjoyment of any Eco-Travel tour, you should be properly prepared for the activity level of the tour.  We have developed the following logos and descriptions for use to define the activity level of each of our tours.  Please make sure your tour selection matches your expectations  in terms of daily activity.  For instance, if you are a recreational birder who enjoys short walks, or are not capable of hiking, then a tour listed as "Moderate" or "Active" is not for you.  However, if you enjoy long hikes in more remote areas, then you should focus on our "Active" tours.  In all cases, please contact us if you have any questions regarding the activity level for any tour.

   Easy:  A relaxed tour with low activity. Daily walks include walking relatively short distances over level terrain or paved walkways.  Tour involves mostly van travel, with stops at various sites.  Minimal steps.  Free time to relax between morning and afternoon outings.
   Moderate:  A more active tour with daily intermediate- to long-distance walking on sloping or uneven terrain, and/or climbing stairs.  Includes several long field days, with many lunches in the field.  Those with physical limitations should take this into consideration, or contact the tour leader for details.
   Active:  An intensive tour with long-distance, sometimes strenuous hiking most days.  Participants should be physically fit.


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