NJ Waters


A New Jersey-specific Guide for Middle School and High School Educators

 New Jersey Audubon has been involved with water-related issues long before terms such as "watersheds" and "impervious surfaces" became the buzzwords that fuel many conservatroin battles today.  New Jersey Audubon has urged such legislation as the federal Clean Water Act of 1974 , the New Jersey Freshwater Wetlands Act of 1987, and the New Jersey Clean Water Enforcement Act of 1990.  In addition, New Jersey Audubon was a leader in preserving the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Island Beach State Park, the Pinelands and the Highlands and is currently involved in the Delaware River Coalition working collaborately to deal with issues in this watershed that bounds the western edge of our state.  Each of these special places is inextricably tied to water.

In New Jersey WATERS, students and teachers are directed to find their location in one of New Jersey's six major watersheds.  Through first-hand experience, investigation, and community-based projects they establish an "ecological address" and a sense of place within their regional watershed systems.  Lessons are organized by looking at a "Sense of Place", a "Sense of Time", a "Sense of Quality and Quantity" and a "Sense of Connection".

NJ WATERS Features . . .

  • 220 pages - background, lessons, and appendices.
  • Awareness to action teaching units
  • Adaptable to special needs students
  • Aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
  • Opportunities for team teaching 
  • Worksheets and illustrations for classroom and field trip use with permission to duplicate for student use.


Download NJ WATERS Lessons and Support Information.

 As a Teacher...

  • Encourage your students to explore their watershed from ecological, social, and economic viewpoints.
  • Guide your students in inquiry-based learning where traditional education disciplines are integrated into a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Teach your students to be part of a creative problem-solving team.