New Jersey Waters

A Watershed Approach to Teaching the Ecology of Regional Systems

A Guide for Middle School and High School Educators

Features . . .

  • 220 pages - background, lessons, and appendices.
  • New Jersey Specific watershed information
  • Awareness to action teaching units
  • Adaptable to special needs students
  • Aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
  • Opportunities for team teaching

As a Teacher of Middle and High School Students . . .

  • Encourage your students to explore their watershed from ecological, social, and economic viewpoints.
  • Guide your students in inquiry-based learning where traditional education disciplines are integrated into a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Teach your students to be part of a creative problem-solving team..
  • Worksheets and illustrations for classroom and field trip use with permission to duplicate for student use.
  • A list of the science proficiencies recommended by the N.J. Department of Education that are met by each lesson.
  • How to go from classroom to outdoor teaching.

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