Hawk Rise Sanctuary
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Thanks to generous funding, wonderful staff and

stellar volunteers great things have been happening!


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See our latest project taking place in the NJ/NJ Harbor Estuary. NJ Audubon is working with several agencies in the area to track two Great Egrets throughout the year. This continuous data allows us to better understand the feeding, breeding and migration patterns of these wonderful birds. With this data we can create better conservation plans for the birds themselves, and the land and water resources on which they depend. We will be working with Linden Public Schools to make this data useful to students and teachers.  
This work was funded by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, NJ Meadowlands Trust, private donations to NJ Audubon, and the US Forest Service.
Thank you Northfield Bank Foundation for your continued support of Linden Hawk Rise Summer Programs. For the second year in a row, Northfield Bank Foundation has provided funding which allows the City of Linden Recreation Summer Camp children, over 200 in all, to attend a field trip to Hawk Rise for free! 

Special Thanks to the following supporters:

Linden Industrial Association

Phillips 66 - Bayway Refinery

Cox Printing

Linden Chamber of Commerce

The Kiwanis Club of Linden

The City of Linden has installed Six (6) park benches throughout the park.  This addition allows visitors to sit and enjoy this urban oasis!

You may have noticed a fence in Hawk Rise.  Seemingly out of place, this deer exclosure will help Research and Stewardship staff at NJ Audubon study the effects of deer browse on the forest by keeping the deer out of this area.

Over several years you will be able to see the understory of the forest return and along with it more birds, turtles, frogs, salamanders and small mammals!


This spring every 5th and 7th grader in Linden will be able to enjoy a field trip to Hawk Rise thanks to Infineum.

Integrated in to the Science curriculum, students will study "Environments" and "Populations" using real science tools and methods.

Linden Public Schools, in partnership with New Jersey Audubon, has been implementing authentic science experiences for students and teachers since 2009.

Geocaching has come to Hawk Rise!  Thanks to Olivia Ruppel and her Girl Scout Gold Award Project you can now explore Hawk Rise in a new way!  Look at the "Programs" page for more information and classes (led by Olivia) on this wonderful activity suitable for the entire family! No experience necessary!

 Can you find the cache??