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Optics Information

In the market for optics?  NJ Audubon has a wide range to choose from.  Visit the NJAS Nature Center that's closest to you (click here for locations) or visit our online optics store, FeatherEdge Optics.

Starting Native Plants for Butterflies

(Includes specific instructions for Swamp Milkweed.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to deal with orphaned and injured wildlife
  • Is it illegal to collect bird feathers, eggs and nests?
  • How to deal with squirrels at your bird feeders
  • How to discourage rodent and other undesirables at your bird feeders
  • How to stop woodpeckers from pounding on your house
  • Why is that cardinal (or robin) crashing repeatedly into my window?

Birding Ethics

Field Trip "Dos" and "Don'ts"

Suburban Survival Guides

Living with nature and wildlife in New Jersey can be challenging at times.  This series of articles provides information which will help you cope with those challenges.

  • Skunks and Other Pestiferous Animals
  • Deer in the Garden
  • Hawks Killing Birds at Your Feeder
  • The Baby Bird Season
  • West Nile Encephalitis
  • White-tailed Deer vs. Your Car
  • Squirrels at Your Bird Feeder
  • Kamikaze Cardinal
  • Drought
  • Yellow Jackets

Checklists for New Jersey