Songbird Flyways
Preserving Oases Along the Flyway


New Jersey Audubon Society and the National Park Service's New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route have embarked on a unique partnership project called Preserving Oases along the Flyway.  The focus of this project is to monitor nocturnal songbird migration and to identify key stopover sites in New Jersey that migrating birds use as they travel between their winter homes in Central and South America and the breeding grounds in temperate North America.  Funding for this program comes from The National Park Foundation's Park Flight program, who through a generous grant from American Airlinesc, identifies opportunities to connect national parks in the United States to parks and protected areas in Mesoamerica. 

 This partnership involves a great variety of national and international government agencies, not-for-profit environmental and conservation organizations, and academic institutions.  It is truly a collaborative effort to bring attention to the needs of these amazing songbirds.


New Jersey teachers have expressed that the most effective teaching includes curriculum materials that reflect New Jersey-specific information as well provide opportunities for students to participate in learning experiences that reflect relevant issues.  Curriculum development, coupled with teacher and student education, provides a powerful way to introduce this audience to the wonder of migration and the resources that researchers use to monitor nocturnal migration. It provides not only teachers, but students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to connect the needs of migratory songbirds to the actions that people take within their communities.

During the Fall 2003, three New Jersey high schools are involved in the Preserving Oases Along the Flyway project.  Students will learn how to interpret weather maps and radar images to predict and verify migratory events.  They will gather real-time acoustic data that helps research scientists determine the songbird flock composition.  In addition students from the three schools will have the chance to interface with each other through an online discussion board as well as with NJAS research associates.

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