GOALS: to provide monitoring and assessment to different types of managed grasslands in NJ


As grassland habitat continues to decline in NJ and the northeastern US,  grasslands associated with airfields, both commercial and military, are becoming critical in supporting  populations of breeding birds.  Along with managing these areas to conserve endangered grassland birds such as the Upland Sandpiper(state endangered) and Grasshopper Sparrow(state threatened), natural resource managers must also discourage larger or flocking avian species which pose a strike hazard to aircraft.

Funded primarily by the Department of Defense, NJ Audubon  Research is involved in a multi-year study to quantify general information on reproductive success of grassland breeding birds on regional airfields, and to determine factors affecting nesting success/failure.   Mowing is of particular interest, as it takes place during the breeding season.

Current projects include:

Atlantic City Airport 

Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program:
   1. Avian Use of Military Airfields
   2. Grassland Bird Productivity on Military Airfields

Citizen Science monitoring