Stone Harbor Updates: April, 2015


April 29, 2015

 Nesting season has begun at Stone Harbor Point!  There are currently 15 nesting pairs of American Oystercatchers, and data are collected on new nests almost daily.  The days have been cold thus far, and the Piping Plovers agree - no nests have been found yet.  However, as the weather improves, observations of courtship behavior and the formation of nests called “scrapes” indicate that eggs are just around the corner.   The elevated areas created this winter for our restoration project are providing habitat for nesting birds as well.  Each of the three elevated habitats contains American Oystercatcher nests, and Piping Plovers have been observed using these areas for courtship and territorial defense.    

Photos by Lisa Ferguson

Measuring habitat characteristics of an American Oystercatcher nest

American Oystercatcher Nest on the restored habitat

The Wetlands Institute’s Field Technician Brittany Morey watches Piping Plovers from afar

Piping Plover nest start, or “scrape”

A cold, wet day at Stone Harbor Point


April 23, 2015

Intertidal sediment samples are being collected monthly at Stone Harbor Point as part of the restoration project.  We will assess and post- restoration effects of sand harvesting on the availability, abundance and diversity of benthic intertidal invertebrates that constitute potential prey for migrating and beach-nesting shorebirds.  

Our crew in the field! Photo by Nellie Tsipoura  

Collecting core samples. Photo by Nellie Tsipoura   



April 16, 2015


The nesting season has begun! An American Oystercatcher nest, pictured below, has officially kicked off the nesting season at Stone Harbor Point.  The project team is now present on Stone Harbor Point almost daily monitoring the activities of oystercatchers and other beach-nesting birds.  We are sure this is the first nest of many.  Happy Nesting Season!







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