Stone Harbor Point: restoration updates

NJ AUDUBON and partners complete stone HArbor Point restoration 

On February 11, 2015 the first equipment slowly made its way to the Stone Harbor Point site to start the habitat restoration work.  We are excited to see the project finally becoming a reality.  A temporary disturbance to the area during construction will result in habitat improvement not only for coastal nesting birds, but migratory birds as well.  Click here for the press release in the Atlantic City Press for further information.

Work was completed on March 12, 2015.  The project resulted in two areas of elevated habitat that will decrease flooding risks for nests of beach nesting birds and roosting habitat for shorebirds.  It also created an elevated peninsula on the bay side, separated from the Point with a runnel.  Finally, a resiliency dune will protect the community from flooding from the south.

In January 2016, winter storm Jonas substantively altered the landscape of Stone Harbor Point. The storm pushed a huge amount of sand towards the bay side of the point increasing the area on the point that will be  flooded daily by the tide. Additional restoration work was required to repair damage of the habitats, which was conducted in February 2016.




Outline of the restored habitat at Stone Harbor Point.  The North area is elevated to 1.5 ft  and the South area to 2.0 ft above mean high water.  Map also shows the location of the habitat island and runnel on the Bay side.  Click on image to enlarge.

 Constructed habitat panorama.  The restoration area looks white because of the shell cover



Restoration reports from Stone Harbor Point by Larry Niles, LJ  Niles and Associates LLC - 2015

Week of February 8 to 14              Week of February 23 to 27        

Week of February 16 to 20            February 28

Week of March 1 to 7                    Week of March 8 to 14