NJ Audubon Focal Initiatives

Our projects  and programs cover a wide range of conservation issues, each with specific goals.  Collectively, they fall into five general categories; 
   1. Grasslands,  
      2. Monitoring, 
         3. Radar Studies, 
            4. Urban Landscapes, 
               5. Migration Ecology.
Click on the links within each category below for general information on research in each category, or details on specific projects.

News Headlines on Research Projects


Research and monitoring projects concerning the ecology of breeding birds in managed grasslands.

- Commercial and Military Airfields

- Agricultural Landscapes
 Projects involve the public in scientifically rigorous bird population monitoring throughout NJ.

- Grassland management assessment

- "Harbor Herons" foraging ecology

- Abundance and distribution of migrating shorebirds
Studies on the effects of wind power development on flight patterns in birds and bats, using radar technology.

- Tug Hill Plateau, NY

- Atlantic City Utilities Authority

- Block Island/ Long Island Sound

- Gulf of Maine

A variety of projects monitoring wildlife populations and their health in urban settings

- Connecting urban wetlands in the Raritan River watershed

- Avian ecology in the NJ Meadowlands

- Foraging ecology of long-legged wading birds

- Risk factors for West Nile Virus
Goals focus on conservation of migratory birds and important stopover habitats in NJ and the northeastern US

- Assessing needs for Semipalmated Sandpiper

- Oases along the Flyway

- Fall migration watch projects
include the Avalon Sea Watch, Hawk WatchesMorning Flight and Monarch Monitoring.