World Series of Birding

Dear Fellow Birder:

I hear that you want to raise your glass beside the hundreds of other participants in the 31st Annual World Series of Birding, May 10, 2014. Fantastic. As one World Series of Birding participant to another, I salute you.

The Big Day tradition goes all the way to Charlie Urner and Ludlow Griscom who pioneered this brand of birding madness back in the 20s and 30s. This tradition was the foundation of the World Series.  Since the first World Series, thousands of avid birders have taken the challenge and followed in Urner and Griscom’s footsteps. Birders like Roger Tory Peterson, Kenn Kaufman, Ted Parker, and David Sibley to name just a few. When you earn the privilege of calling yourself a World Series of Birding veteran, you’ll find yourself in some pretty good company.

It was in 1984, that the New Jersey Audubon Society first challenged birders everywhere to“cross the Jersey line” for a 24-hour birding competition. Called on that inaugural event, “The Biggest Day” it was Roger Tory Peterson who gave the event its current name and who led the winning team on that first competition in 1984, recording 201 species in 24 hours.

There were thirteen teams that first year. Now there are over 100. There was a single young birder among those first year participants. Now the Youth Division is the fastest growing segment in the event.

The event was intended to be a fund raiser and it continues to be so. Close to $9,000,000 has been raised over the course of the event. The money has benefited a number of conservation organizations because every dollar a team raises goes to whatever cause they champion.

There are several ways to participate. Level I Competitive Teams; Level III Youth Challenge, and Level IV Senior Teams. In addition, Level I teams can elect to canvas the entire state; or limit your search to a 
“Limited Geographic Area” of a single county (LGA); or forgo travel entirely and do a Big Stay, or go
“powerless” for the Swarovski sponsored Carbon Footprint Challenge.

What does New Jersey Audubon get out of this? The pride and prestige that comes of hosting a world class event. We’re a mission driven organization. In this day and age, bird protection demands a global perspective.  What benefits organizations working in concert with us serves our mission.

So join us and the scores of other teams that share your passion for birds and who want to part of something that is very special to birding. Here’s all the information you need. Start planning your strategy. 

All the material you need is here in this website.  Any questions?  Call René (609.861-1608 x13) or e-mail birdcapemay@njaudubon.org.  We’re here for you.

With best wishes and in anticipation of seeing you at the Finish Line I am,

Pete Dunne
Founder and soon to be 31-year veteran of the World Series of Birding