Cape May Rare Bird Alert - 11/29/2001
You have reached the Cape May Birding Hotline, a service of New Jersey Audubon Society's Cape May Bird Observatory. This recording was made on Thursday, November 29, 2001. Highlights from the last week include ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER, SNOWY OWL, KING EIDER, WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL, and BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE.

An ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER continues at the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, better known as Brigantine, most recently reported on Nov. 27. From the light at Rt. 9 in the town of Smithville, take Moss Mill Road straight east until you reach the salt marsh. (Birders often refer to this as Leed's Point Road; actually Leed's Point Road joins Moss Mill Road from the south and it isn't clear which name applies when you reach the marsh). Cross a small wooden bridge and look for a parking pull-out about two-tenths or one-quarter mile beyond the bridge, on the left (north) side of the road. The bird is most often seen at this spot, near some bright orange Bittersweet berries.

From one to three SNOWY OWLS continue to be seen at Brigantine's east pond.

An immature male KING EIDER was seen again at Cape May on Nov. 24, near the jetty off Windsor St.

Two WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS were found at Cape May Point on Nov. 27, along with 3 PURPLE FINCHES and 2 PINE SISKINS.

A first-winter BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE was seen on Nov. 24 at the mouth of the Cape May Harbor, flying near the north jetty.

Observers visiting the salt marshes near Two Mile Landing on Nov. 28 tallied 3 NELSON'S SHARP-TAILED SPARROWS, 8 SALTMARSH SHARP-TAILED SPARROWS, 2 "IPSWICH" SAVANNAH SPARROWS, and 2 SNOW BUNTINGS.

Lingering songbird reports from around Cape May include BALTIMORE ORIOLES on Nov. 24, 26, and 27, YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT on Nov. 27, NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS on Nov. 27, and BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER on Nov. 27.

Observers on the Nov. 24 whale-watch trip off Cape May estimated 12 individual JAEGERS (all close enough to identify were PARASITIC), along with thousands of NORTHERN GANNETS and hundreds of RED-THROATED LOONS. Observers on inshore waters on Nov. 24 reported 6 GREAT CORMORANTS and 450 AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHERS.

Details on the three southern NJ Christmas Bird Counts follow: (1) Cape May CBC will be held Sunday, December 16 (contact Louise Zemaitis at 609-898-9578 to participate ), (2) Belleplain CBC will be held Sunday, December 23 (contact Paul Kosten at 609-861-5827 to participate), (3) Cumberland County CBC will be held Sunday, December 30 (contact Clay Sutton at 609-465-3397 to participate).

The Cape May Bird Observatory has daily walks that require no pre-registration, and many special field trips and programs that do. To receive a copy of our Program Schedule, stop at one of our centers, call 609-861-0700, go to New Jersey Audubon's WEB SITE at http://www.njaudubon.org, or call our new natural history and events hotline at 609-861-0466.

This Cape May Birding Hotline is a service of the Cape May Bird Observatory, which is a research and education unit of the New Jersey Audubon Society. Our aim is to preserve and perpetuate the ornithological significance of Cape May. Your membership supports these goals and this hotline. We detail sightings from Cape May and surrounding areas. Updates are typically made on Thursdays. Please report sightings of rare or unusual birds to CMBO at 609-884-2736, or e-mail reports to mark@njaudubon.org. Thanks for calling and GOOD BIRDING!

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