Cape May Rare Bird Alert - 12/21/2005
You have reached the Cape May Birding Hotline, a service of New Jersey Audubon Societys Cape May Bird Observatory. Due to scheduling conflicts this weeks message was prepared on Wednesday, December 21. This weeks roster includes sightings of SNOWY OWL, YELLOW RAIL, THICK-BILLED MURRE, HARLEQUIN DUCK, MARBLED GODWIT, IPSWICH SPARROW, LITTLE GULL, BLACK-HEADED GULL, COMMON REDPOLL, a possible ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK, LAPLAND LONGSPUR, BALTIMORE ORIOLE, RAZORBILL, EURASIAN WIGEON, KING EIDER, DICKCISSEL, ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER and SANDHILL CRANE.

Being that Christmas Bird Counts are underway, it should be expected that there will be a variety of goodies to be found in the area this week.The bird of the week is most definitely a YELLOW RAIL that was found during the Cape May CBC.The status of this bird is unknown at this time though it was discovered on the 18th in a small marsh at the south end of Sunset Lake in Wildwood Crest.The SNOWY OWL at Stone Harbor, found also on the CBC, has not been relocated.This could possibly be the same individual that was seen in Ocean City the previous week.Continuing with birds that were found on the 18th, a female HARLEQUIN DUCK was seen at the Hereford Inlet Toll Bridge.MARBLED GODWITS (18) were seen on Stone Harbor Point as well as 14 IPSWICH SPARROWS.An adult LITTLE GULL was reported from the Cape May-Lewes ferry terminal.Also an adult BLACK-HEADED GULL was found and continues to be seen from Sunset Beach. One COMMON REDPOLL was seen on a feeder on Reeds Beach Rd.A possible female ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was also spotted on a feeder in Cape May.The LAPLAND LONGSPUR continues to be seen at the Cape May County Airport.In the Cape May Point area on the CBC were 2 BALTIMORE ORIOLES, a RAZORBILL and a EURASIAN WIGEON on bunker pond.A KING EIDER was seen from the Coast Guard Base near the jetty and a DICKCISSEL was spotted from Eldridge Rd.Three ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERS were also spotted on the 18th.Also on Cape Island the SANDHILL CRANE continues to be seen from Batts Lane

Today an immature NORTHERN GOSHAWK was reported from the Higbees Beach area.On Dec. 17th a THICK-BILLED MURRE was seen from the Avalon Seawatch.The bird reportedly flew in and landed for some time but has not been seen again.

CMBOs bookstore hours are as follows: Northwood Center in Cape May Point will be open every day until Dec. 24.At the start of 2006 we will resume a normal schedule of being open Thursday-Monday 9-4:30.The Center for Research and Education on Route 47 in Goshen is open 7 days a week, 9-4:30. Both Centers will be closed the week between Christmas and New Years, from December 24 - January 1.Due to the fact that CMBO is closed during this week there will be no update of the hotline until Thursday, January 5, 2006.

The Cape May Birding Hotline is a service of the New Jersey Audubon Societys Cape May Bird Observatory and details sightings from Cape May, Cumberland, and Atlantic Counties. Updates are typically made on Thursday evenings. Please report sightings of rare or unusual birds to CMBO at 609-884-2736. Sponsorship for this hotline comes from the support of CMBO members and business members, and should you not be a member, we cordially invited to join. Individual membership is $35 per year; $45 for families. You can call either center to become a member or visit. Become a member in person and youll receive a FREE copy of BIRDS OF NEW JERSEY (in addition to member discount in the stores). We hope you have a Happy Holiday season and Good Birding!

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