Cape May Rare Bird Alert - 3/7/2002
You have reached the Cape May Birding Hotline, a service of New Jersey Audubon Society's Cape May Bird Observatory. This recording was made on Thursday, March 7, 2002. Highlights from the last week include WHITE-WINGED DOVE, GLAUCOUS GULL, ICELAND GULL, LESSER-BLACK-BACKED GULL, BLACK-HEADED GULL, CLAY-COLORED SPARROW, ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, HOUSE WREN, and WHITE-EYED VIREO.

A WHITE-WINGED DOVE was found on Seagrove Ave. near Cape May Point on Feb. 25th, was most recently reported on March 3rd. The bird is most often found roosting with Mourning Doves, anywhere from 615 Seagrove to 627 Seagrove. The bird disappears from this area for long periods birders haven't yet found its other haunts.

A first winter GLAUCOUS GULL was found on March 4th along Ocean Drive, at the base of the south side of the southernmost toll bridge. The bird was seen again on March 5th and 6th. An immature (year not reported) ICELAND GULL and an immature (year not reported) LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL were seen in this same location on March 3rd. An adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was seen here on March 2nd. Rounding out our gull reports, a BLACK-HEADED GULL was seen offshore from Sunset Beach on March 3rd.

Cape May Point's CLAY-COLORED SPARROW was most recently reported on March 6th, at its usual location in a yard at the junction of Coral and Cambridge. It is most often seen on the ground beneath the bird feeders.

Two ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERS were found again in Cape May Point State Park on March 6th; one had been found here on March 1st. An ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was also seen on March 3rd along Seagrove Ave., near Cape May Point.

An early BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER was reported from Cape May Point, along Princeton Ave. near Coral, on March 3rd. An early HOUSE WREN was seen along the yellow trail in Cape May Point State Park on March 1st. An early WHITE-EYED VIREO was found along Seagrove Ave. near Cape May Point on March 1st. Three LAUGHING GULLS at Cook's Beach on March 2nd, 2 TREE SWALLOWS along Seagrove Ave. on March 3rd, and an EASTERN PHOEBE at Turkey Point on March 7th are all on-time arrivals.

We have no reports from the last week of the LARK SPARROW near Cape May Courthouse.

There will be a pelagic trip from Cape May on Sunday, March 10. Contact Mary Gustafson for details or to register: Phone - 301-497-1629; Cell: 302-559-5640; E-mail: live4birds@aol.com. See the internet version of this hotline for more details.

< the details > CAPE MAY PELAGIC - SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2002

General Info
Date: Sunday, March 10
Time: 5:00 AM - approx 5:00 PM
Boat: Miss Chris, 65' fishing boat with full walk-around
Cost: $70
Contact: Mary Gustafson
Phone: 301-497-1629
Cell: 302-559-5640
E-mail: live4birds@aol.com

Captain: Fred Ascoli, 609-884-3939

In case of inclement weather this trip may be cancelled by the Captain. Call Captain Fred at the number above, or Mary Gustafson on her cell phone for last minute weather cancellation information.

What We Hope to See: This trip has been run for well over a decade, and has produced good winter seabirds in the past. The primary focus will be alcids and past sightings include Razorbill almost every year, Dovekie several times (high of 733), Atlantic Puffin several times, Common Murre on almost half of the trips, and Thick-billed Murre once. Great Skua and Northern Fulmar have also been seen. Gannets and Kittiwakes are regular. We'll chum as we go to keep gulls, gannets, and hopefully a skua at the back of the boat. We also stop for any whales. This trip has produced Fin Whale several times and an incredible show by two Northern Right Whales in 1998. FYI for state listers, we will be in both NJ and DE waters.

Preparations: Be prepared for winter. Warm clothes are required and raingear is recommended both as a windbreaker and to protect from spray. You must provide your own food and beverages. The cabin is heated and there are separate men's and women's bathrooms. There will be experienced pelagic birders along who will gladly help beginners, but bring your field guides.

Directions: Travel south to the end of the Garden State Parkway. Continue south over the Cape May Bridge. Make the first right-hand turn after the bridge, between the Captain's Cove Restaurant and Tony's Pizza (approx. 500 feet). The boat is 1/2 block straight ahead.

Map to the boat:


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