Cape May Rare Bird Alert - 4/21/2005
This is the Cape May Birding Hotline, a service of New Jersey Audubon Society's Cape May Bird Observatory. This message was prepared on Thursday, April 21st. Highlights from the last week include PAINTED BUNTING, HARLEQUIN DUCK, GREAT CORMORANT, and news of the season.

The adult male PAINTED BUNTING in Erma has continued through April 21st. It is seen most often at the busy feeding station at 693 Weeks Landing Rd. most often around the picnic table. It is sometimes seen across the street at 688 Weeks Landing Rd. This is along the section of Weeks Landing Rd. that lies just west of Rt. 626. The feeders at both houses may be seen from the street; please do not enter private property, bird only from the street. As the road is very narrow here, please park by the Vietnam Veterans of America building or near Cape May Electric, both close to Rt. 626, and walk the very short distance down the road to the houses. Patience is often necessary, as the bird can be absent for hours at a time.

Two HARLEQUIN DUCKS were amidst the pilings off the Coast Guard Base at Poverty Beach on April 18th. GREAT CORMORANTS continue to be seen around Cape May; two were at the Concrete Ship on April 20th and one was off Poverty Beach on the 18th.

The list of returning migrants continues to grow, as is expected in late April. Noteworthy migrants returning during the last week include BLACK SKIMMER, EASTERN KINGBIRD, CHUCK-WILLS-WIDOW, BLUE-HEADED VIREO, YELLOW-THROATED VIREO, RED-EYED VIREO, PRAIRIE WARBLER, PROTHONOTARY WARBLER, OVENBIRD, HOODED WARBLER, YELLOW WARBLER, AMERICAN REDSTART, RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD, and BANK SWALLOW. Among birds seen in recent weeks, PALM WARBLER, RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET, and GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET were especially numerous during the last week.

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