Cape May Rare Bird Alert - 5/12/2006
You have reached the Cape May Birding Hotline, a service of New Jersey Audubon Societys Cape May Bird Observatory. This weeks message was prepared on Friday May 12. The roster this week includes sightings of WHITE-FACED IBIS, WHITE-WINGED DOVE, WESTERN GREBE, EURASIAN COLLARED DOVE, CURLEW SANDPIPER, ROSEATE TERN and MISSISSIPPI KITE.

A ROSEATE TERN was spotted from Cape May Point today, 5/12 from St. Marys Jetty.

Again today 5/12, a MISSISSIPPI KITE was seen flying over the Beanery (Reas Farm) from Stevens Ave. in West Cape May around one oclock in the afternoon.

The WHITE-WINGED DOVE continues to be seen today (but has become more scarce in its visitation today), at a private feeder in West Cape May. To look for this bird head to the corner of Pacific Ave and Third Ave in West Cape May. PLEASE use Goldbeaten Alley to look for this bird. The bird has been seen roosting in a Hackberry tree and can typically be seen easily from the alley.

The EURASIAN COLLARED DOVE continues, as of 5/11, along Stone Harbor Blvd. The bird is being seen near house # 741 but please us the utmost respect as this is someones private property. The last report of this bird is that it was seen from 6-7 p.m.

The WESTERN GREBE continues to be seen as of 5/11, far from shore. The bird has been located at both Reeds Beach and Cooks Beach.

The two CURLEW SANDPIPERS that have been at the Heislerville Impoundments have not been reported today but were seen on 5/11. It has been reported that the water levels are up in the impoundments but there seems to still be plenty of areas for the birds to be found.

A WHITE-FACED IBIS is still being seen in Beaver Swamp as of 5/11 and as of the last report there were fewer GLOSSY IBIS in the area

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Good luck and Good Birding!

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