Cape May Rare Bird Alert - 9/19/1996
You have reached the Cape May Birding Hotline, a service of New Jersey Audubon Society's Cape May Bird Observatory. Highlights for the week ending September 19 include sightings of LARK SPARROW, GOLDEN EAGLE, news of CMBO's Cape May Hawkwatch and our Avalon Seawatch, local nature notes, and news of CMBO's upcoming programs and field trips.

Three LARK SPARROWS were seen this week. One was at the end of Alexander Ave. on Cape May Point on September 14th, one was at the impoundments east of the Seashore Rd. canal bridge onSeptember 18th, and a third was at Bayside, Cumberland County, also on the 18th.

One of the earliest GOLDEN EAGLES ever seen in southern New Jersey was reported from Bayside,Cumberland County on September 18th.

DICKCISSELS were seen at Hidden Valley Ranch and at Higbee Beach on September 19th.

Two AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVERS were over the Hawkwatch at the Cape May Point State Park on September 17th and one at the same location on the 18th.

Warbler and other passerine migration has been steady all week. A sampling would include MOURNING WARBLER, CONNECTICUT, and GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLERS on September 14th; WILSON'S WARBLER, PROTHONOTARY, and the hybrid BREWSTER'S WARBLER on the 15th; DICKCISSEL, PHILADELPHIA VIREOS and YELLOW-THROATED VIREOS and YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER on the 16th; and GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH and MOURNING WARBLER & CONNECTICUT WARBLERS on the 17th.

This fall we welcome Jerry Liguori as our Official Hawkwatcher at the Cape May Hawkwatch, and we'd also like you to welcome CMBO's two Hawkwatch Education Interns, Mike Green and Sue Hopkins. This week's flight was highlighted by 11 BALD EAGLES on September 19th.

CMBO's Avalon Seawatch began fulltime this week and we'd like to welcome this year's Seawatcher, Bill Seng!

THE SKIMMER, a very stable 37 foot catamaran with open and enclosed viewing decks, runs daily birding by boat trips and each week the Sunday afternoon and the Monday morning trips are sponsored by CMBO and benefit CMBO. One or both of these trips visit Champagne Island, a favorite roost site for migrant terns and migrant shorebirds. Most sightings of Roseate, Sandwich, Black, and Gull-billed Terns occur here! The CMBO sponsored boat trips run Every Sunday afternoon from 1:30-4:30 p.m. and Every Monday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. To register for these CMBO sponsored boat trips, call The Skimmer directly at 609-884-3100 and say you learned of the trips through CMBO!

RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD numbers have plummeted, but a few are still being seen daily at Higbee Beach and local butterfly and hummingbird gardens, including CMBO headquarters at 707 E. Lake Drive.

Local Nature Notes follow: CMBO's monarch project intern, Gayle Steffe, had a busy day finally on September 18th, when 100's of MONARCHS came through Cape May. CMBO's Weeklong Butterfly and Warbler Workshop this week has enjoyed 100's of SACHEMS, numbers of LEAST SKIPPERS and COMMON BUCKEYES, a SWARTHY SKIPPER, an AMERICAN SNOUT, AMERICAN COPPERS, GRAY HAIRSTREAKS, several RED-SPOTTED PURPLES, VICEROYS, and the first PAINTED LADY of the fall, yes Painted Ladies have been non-existent this fall -- and those butterflies were all seen on the windy, rainy days. Dragonflies are putting on a show with many of the migrant dragonflies here in numbers now, including: GREEN DARNERS, BLACK-MANTLED, VIOLET-MASKED, WANDERING GLIDERS, and SPOT-WINGED GLIDERS! Virginia Creeper fruits are ripe and pulling in hungry migrant vireos, warblers, and thrushes. Winged Sumac fruits are developing. Groundsel-tree, the bush covered with white fluffy flowers, is in bloom now and some days attracting numbers of butterflies.

Some of CMBO's upcoming preregistration programs follow: Pat and Clay Sutton will lead a"Weeklong Workshop for Raptors" October 14-18 and there is still room in this workshop. Our next MEMBERS NIGHT is Wednesday, October 16 at 7:30 p.m., with Pat Sutton's slide program on owlsand owl listen! September 21-22 and again October 26-27, Fred Mears will teach a 2-day "Bird Watching For Beginners Course." NJ Audubon's Cape May Autumn Weekend will be heldSeptember 27-29, 3 days packed with workshops, field trips, boat trips, and great company! On Saturday, October 5th Pat Sutton will teach a "Backyard Habitat for Wildlife Workshop," to be followed by a plant sale. October 12th, Dr. George Uetz, an authority on spiders will share an indoor>program and then take us on a spider outing to see and learn more about the spiders around us. October 19-20 Dave Ward will teach a 2-day Seabird ID Workshop, to include one morning in the field and one afternoon indoors. And November 1-3 is THE BIRD SHOW, a 3-day birding festival here in Cape May! Every day CMBO offers one or several bird, butterfly, or botany walks that require no preregistration --JUST COME! Call CMBO (at 609-884-2736) for the Fall Program Schedule, which includes details and information on registration for the special programs and meeting placeand times for our daily walks.

CMBO sponsored "Birding By Boat trips" aboard THE SKIMMER are offered Every Sunday from 1:30-3:30 p.m. and Every Monday from 9:30-11:30 a.m. One or both of these trips may run to Champagne Island. To register for these CMBO sponsored boat trips, call The Skimmer directly at 609-884-3100 and say you learned of the trips through CMBO!

The Cape May Bird Observatory is a research and education unit of the New Jersey Audubon Society. Our aim is to perpetuate and preserve the ornithological significance of Cape May. Your membership supports these goals and this birding hotline. For more information regarding Cape May birding, our programs and field trips, and the Observatory, call our office at 609-884-2736 or send a request for information to CMBO, P.O. Box 3, Cape May Point, NJ 08212. If you are in thearea do not hesitate to visit our headquarters and growing birding bookstore at 707 E. Lake Dr., Cape May Point. We're open DAILY, 9-5.

The Cape May Birding Hotline is a service of New Jersey Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory and details sightings from Cape May, Cumberland, and Atlantic Counties and near shore waters. Updates are made on Thursday evenings, more often if warranted. Please report sightings of rare or unusual birds to CMBO at 609-884-2736. Thanks for calling and GOOD BIRDING!

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