Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 1/15/1997
This is the voice of NJ Audubon for Wed., Jan. 15 with reports of GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE, PACIFIC LOON, SNOWY OWL, EAGLE REPORTS and local reports of interest.

Two GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE were reported in the town of Cranbury in Village Park on Rte. 535 at 3:30 p.m. Jan. 12.

There was a report of PACIFIC LOON at Barnegat Inlet Jan. 11, where there are also HARLEQUIN DUCKS and COMMON EIDERS.

The SNOWY OWL was still at Brig (Forsythe) as of Jan. 12. No reports recently of the Sandy Hook bird.

Saturday January 11, the day of the eagle census, brought more eagle reports than other years. Here are some, but by no means all, of the reports: An immature GOLDEN EAGLE and two BALD EAGLES were at the Delaware Water Gap early a.m.; three Bald Eagles were on Yards Creek Reservoir (Warren Co.); singles and pairs were found along the Delaware from the Gap to Dingman's Bridge; the counter at Dingman's had 20 eagles by 1:00 p.m.; more than previous years were reported in South Jersey; a Golden Eagle was reported from Mott's Creek near Brig; and from around the state, Bald Eagles were sighted at the Maurice River, at Jakes Landing, at Wading River, on the Mullica River, at Brig, at Washington Crossing State Park, and at Spruce Run Reservoir, to name a few places.

A nice count of CANVASBACK was the 650 at Monmouth Beach Jan. 11.

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