Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 10/23/2003
This is the Voice of New Jersey Audubon for Thursday October 23, 2003 with reports of GOLDEN EAGLE, RED-HEADED WOODPECKER, SEDGE WREN, CLAY-COLORED SPARROW, YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD, PINE SISKIN, seasonal & local reports of interest and announcements.

SWAINSONS HAWK, SANDHILL CRANE, and KING RAIL were all reported in Cape May this weekcall the CMBO Hotline for details.

Large numbers of MARBLED GODWITS were again noted at Brigantine Island/Absecon Inlet Oct 19 (DeLorme P. 85, B-22 & 23).

An adult male YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD was found in Salem County Oct 20 at the intersection of Featherbed Lane and Salem-Fort Elfsborg Road (DeLorme P. 60, J-13).


Sandy Hook birds this week included AMERICAN BITTERN, 3 SORA, and COMMON MOORHEN in north pond, AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER & ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER at K-Lot Oct 19, Clay-colored Sparrow at J-lot Oct 22, NELSONS SHARP-TAILED SPARROW on the bayside at C-lot, numerous flyover PURPLE FINCHES and 10 PINE SISKINS Oct 19. Check the bird sightings book at SHBO for daily reports.

Thompson Park in Lincroft Oct 18-19 hosted AMERICAN BITTERN, SEDGE WREN, ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, 2 VESPER SPARROWS, 4 LINCOLNS SPARROWS, 30+ WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS, and 2 DICKCISSELS. Nearby Big Brook Park in Marlboro had a latish YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO Oct 18 (DeLorme P. 44, F-4).

Two VESPER SPARROWS were noted along Pleasant Plains Road in the Great Swamp NWR Oct 22.

A RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was in Troy Meadows Oct 16.

Overpeck Creek hosted PECTORAL SANDPIPER, several American Pipits, and 2 VESPER SPARROWS Oct 19.

Merrill Creek Reservoir/Scotts Mountain Oct 18-20 had CATTLE EGRET, GOLDEN EAGLE, NORTHERN GOSHAWK, and 3 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULLS. Nearby Lopatcong had a GOLDEN EAGLE Oct 22.

Raccoon Ridge tallied 3 GOLDEN EAGLES Oct 18.

Birds found at Wallkill River NWR this week included 2 AMERICAN BITTERNS, ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK, 20 AMERICAN PIPITS, NELSONS SHARP-TAILED SPARROW, 2 VESPER SPARROWS, and 30 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS. Most of the birds were seen along the Liberty Loop Trail.

Widely reported migrants this week included WINTER WREN, YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER, BLUE-HEADED VIREO, RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH, and a variety of sparrows.


Parking Area B at Sandy Hook is currently closed for construction.

Brigantine NWR is closed on Thursdays for the month of October.

A pelagic trip is scheduled for Saturday, October 25 out of Belmar, NJ, and should be visiting both New York and New Jersey waters. The trip will run from 6:00 AM to about 6:00 PM, and costs $100. Target birds at this time of year are Greater and Manx Shearwater, Fulmar, Red Phalarope, jaegers, and numbers of Gannets. For more information, contact See Life Paulagics at 215-234-6805 or see their web site at http://www.paulagics.com

The Voice of New Jersey Audubon is a weekly report on birding in New Jersey. To report birds call 732-872-2500. Documentation of Review List Species goes to the New Jersey Bird Records Committee at 91 Sycamore Lane, Skillman NJ, 08558. This is Scott Barnes wishing you good birding and thanks for calling and reporting.

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