Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 11/20/1996
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Wed, Nov. 21 [sic] with reports of WHITE-WINGED DOVE, ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER, WESTERN KINGBIRD, SANDHILL CRANE, DICKCISSEL and extra-limital ROSS'S GULL, and a pelagic trip out of Cape May (after the reports).

A ROSS'S GULL has been seen at Indian River inlet in Delaware at least through Nov. 18--call the box at 647-2357 for updates.

THE WHITE-WINGED DOVE continued in Cape May this week at least through Nov. 17 at Seagrove Ave, and the ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER was still at the Beanery Nov. 16. Likewise the WESTERN KINGBIRDS continue at Shunpike and Hanna.

A SANDHILL CRANE was at Westampton (Burlington Co.) Nov. 16 off Rte. 295 at Exit 45 in the Highland Business Park. A DICKCISSEL has been coming to the Hoffman Sanctuary feeder in Bernardsville since Nov. 15. In the morning it is found with other sparrows down near the chicken coops or along the driveway; from late morning to late afternoon, the best way to see it is from inside the building in the store. Watching the feeders from outside spooks the birds.

Birds at Brig Nov. 17 included LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER, AM. BITTERN, BALD EAGLE, SNOW BUNTING, and IPSWICH SPARROW. AM BITTERN was also at Tuckerton Nov. 17. TUNDRA SWANS were in Whitesbog Nov. 17. Canvasback and HOODED MERGANSERS were on Lake Takannassee Nov. 20.

A mini-pelagic trip will run out of Cape May Dec. 8 and 14 on the Cape May Whale Watcher, 8 a.m., $35.00 per person. For info and reservations, call 1-800-786-5445.

The Voice of NJ Audubon is a weekly report on birding in New Jersey. Sponsored by New Jersey Audubon Society, the tape/web page changes Wednesdays. Web site is at http://www.njaudubon.org [Compiled by R. Kane, NJ Audubon; transcribed for National Birding Hotline Cooperative by L. Larson, llarson@ pucc.princeton.edu.] To report birds to the tape, call (908) 766-5787, or fax (908) 766-7775. after hours calls can be routed to the Voice Mail Box at Ext. 18. For updates between tapes call the NJ Audubon Bird Mailbox, (908) 647-2357. Good birding, and thank you for calling/faxing/surfing.

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