Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 11/27/1993
This is the voice of NJ Audubon update for Saturday, Nov. 27, 1993 at 5 PM with reports of VARIED THRUSH, BEWICK'S WREN, SNOWY OWL, LARK SPARROW, mystery COWBIRD, COMMON MURRE, BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK, ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER, WHITE PELICAN, LITTLE GULL, HARLEQUINS, both EIDERS, RED-NECKED GREBE, REDHEAD, and other reports. A VARIED THRUSH was seen at Manasquan Inlet under the boardwalk at the old railroad tracks Nov. 26, last seen flying south, not seen since. We have an unconfirmed report of BEWICK'S WREN at Parking Area K at Sandy Hook, the last parking lot on the north end before North Pond, on Nov. 26. Also at Sandy Hook this week, a SNOWY OWL on the northern tip on Nov. 23, and a LARK SPARROW at Parking Area G at the entrance, Nov. 25. A SNOWY OWL was also seen at Ocean City for 8 hours on Nov. 24. A mystery Cowbird was seen one day only at Cape May Point Nov. 23, believed to be either SHINY or BRONZED but not Brown-headed. Not seen since. A COMMON MURRE was seen at one of the jetties at Cape May Point Nov. 25. On Nov. 22 at Cape May a BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK was seen at Hidden Valley Ranch and an ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER was seen at Higbee, neither seen since. On Nov. 24, 2 WHITE PELICANS were at Brigantine Refuge, and one was at Cape May Point at Bunker Pond and elsewhere on Nov. 25. An adult LITTLE GULL was a flyby at Cape May Point Nov. 27. On Nov. 26 at Barnegat Light there were 3 HARLEQUINS, 4 COMMON EIDER (1 an adult male), and one KING EIDER female. The HARLEQUINS and the KING EIDER were still present on Nov. 27. Two RED-NECKED GREBES and a SURF SCOTER were on Round Valley Reservoir Nov. 26. Three REDHEADS were on Lake Parsippany Nov. 16-17. A REDHEAD was also on Lake Como on Nov. 25. The COMMON SHELDRAKE on Wall Pond, next to Wreck Pond, since Nov. 20, is probably an escape. The Voice of NJ Audubon [(908) 766-2661] is a regular weekly report on birding in New Jersey. The tape is changed regularly on Wednesdays, more often when necessary. [Compiled by R. Kane, NJ Audubon; transcribed for National Birding Hotline Cooperative by L. Larson, llarson@ pucc.princeton.edu.] To report birds to the tape, call (908) 766-5787, or fax (908) 766-7775. For updates between tapes call the NJ Audubon Bird Mailbox, (201) 983-9152. Good birding, and thank you for calling.

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