Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 11/4/1998
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Wed Nov 4 with reports of SWAINSON'S HAWK, MISSISSIPPI KITE, HARRIS'S SPARROW, LECONTE'S SPARROW, WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE, PARASITIC JAEGER, HAWK reports, seasonal and local reports of interest.

One of three SWAINSON'S HAWKS from the weekend was still present Monday Nov 2 in Cape May. An unprecedented late fall MISSISSIPPI KITE was seen at Cape May Point Oct 30. A HARRIS'S SPARROW around Pearl and Knox streets in Cape May Point Nov 3 was last seen at Stites Av from 2-3 p.m. Nov. 3 (no report at tape time Nov 4). [Transcriber's addition: Sparrow seen again today.] Birders should stay on the road looking for this bird. Several EURASIAN WIGEON were at Cape May Point between Lily Lake and Lighthouse Pond Oct 31-Nov 1. PARASITIC JAEGERS were at Avalon Nov 1.

Monmouth County's 3rd LECONTE'S SPARROW was seen and photographed this weekend at Dorbrook Park, Colt's Neck, and was still present Nov 3. To reach Dorbrook Park from the west, take 537 east from Freehold, cross 34 and look for Laird Rd. Two-tenths mile east of Laird, there's a one-lane dirt track going right (south) from 537. From the east, take 537 to the sign for Dorbrook park, go a tenth mile further and look for the dirt track just past a rail fence and turn left on it. Go two fields, and park where the track ends. A large willow is on the right and just beyond is a rose bush the sparrow likes. This is the same spot where the Sandhill Crane was in May of this year. Other birds there this week included VESPER, LINCOLN'S and GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS, DICKCISSEL and AMERICAN PIPITS.

A WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was at the Sussex Co. Library pond on Rte 655 (Morris Tpke) near Branchville Oct 30. ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS were reported this week from Cape May, Island Beach, Chimney Rock, Picatinny and Cape May.

EURASIAN WIGEON were reported this week from Stevenson park in Lincroft (Monmouth) and Lake Musconetcong, which also had PECTORAL SANDPIPER, LESSER YELLOWLEGS and DUNLIN. A SNOWY OWL was reported Oct 28 from Stonehill Rd in Freehold not far from rte 9; not reported since. Two LAPLAND LONGSPURS were seen on the Barnegat Jetty Oct 31. The Ort farm on Bartley Rd in Long Valley Nov 1 had 300 PIPIT, 18 HORNED LARKS and one LAPLAND LONGSPUR. SNOW BUNTINGS were reported this week from Cape May, Round Valley, lake Hopatcong and Lake Musconetcong. A SHRIKE (sp), probably Northern, was on Pleasant Plains Rd Nov 4, between the speed bumps.

A BALD EAGLE was at Plainsboro Nov 1. Chimney Rock had two GOLDEN EAGLES Oct 29 and Sunrise one Oct 30. SHARPSHIN totals from the hawk lookouts as of Oct 26 were: Wildcat-1900; Picatinny-2100; Chimney Rock-4200; Stateline-1100; Montclair-2300. HARRIER totals were: Wildcat-118; Picatinny-124; Chimney-341; Stateline-70; and Montclair 164 (the most there in ten years). KESTREL totals were: Wildcat-343; Picatinny-329; Chimney-1983; and Stateline- 424.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + A form for reports to the NJ Records Committee is in RECORDS OF NEW JERSEY BIRDS, Fall 1996 and also at http://www.princeton.edu/~llarson/form.html The Review List is included in the state list published in RECORDS in Winter 1996-97.

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