Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 12/30/1993
This is the voice of NJ Audubon for December 30 with reports of: Common Murre; Common and King Eider; Razorbill; Snowy Owl; Pacific Loon; Glaucous Gull; Redheads; Redpolls; Ravens; Bald Eagles; Lesser Black-backed Gulls; flotsam and fallout from the Christmas counts; local reports and white birds. In the period from December 20 through 22 Pacific Loons and Razorbill were reported from Manasquan Inlet and Razorbills were reported earlier from Point Pleasant Beach south of Manasquan Inlet. A Common Murre was also reported in the Point Pleasant Beach area near Jenkinson's Pavilion South. A Snowy Owl was reported December 22 on a chimney in Point Pleasant Beach opposite the Aquarium. And finally, in Point Pleasant Beach December 26, both Eider species were seen. Glaucous Gulls were reported recently at Marconi Rd. and at Lake Takanassee. Eurasian Wigeons have been at Marconi and also at Franklin Lake. Common Redpolls were seen at: Yards Creek December 30; at Lincoln Park Gravel Pits on December 26; and a big flock of 300 plus Common Redpolls have been at Greystone Park, Morris County on Old Dover Rd where the power line crosses it. Reach it from Rt. 10. The Common Ravens were still at the Delaware Water Gap on December 30. There are 2 birds. A King Eider and 4 Harlequins continue at Barnegat Light. Lesser Black-backed Gulls were seen December 26 on Shark River and on the oceanfront at Long Branch on December 27. Pine Siskins and Evening Grosbeaks continue at Huber Woods at the feeder in Monmouth County. Redheads are somewhat more findable this winter than usual. Birds have been seen on Raritan Bayshore this month at Whale Beach, Keyport Harbor and Leonardo Harbor; also at Lake Como, at least 2 birds there; and at Merrill Creek December 28, where there was also a Bald Eagle, Common Mergansers and Ring-necked Ducks. Bald Eagles are also being seen at Yards Creek, Boonton Reservoir and at Round Valley Reservoir. A N. Goshawk was at milepost 115 of the Garden State Parkway on December 29. 5 Great Egrets continue at the Lyndhurst area of the Meadowlands. The Boonton Count on December 26 had 100 species including Redpoll, Rough-legged, Clay-colored Sparrow and Pipit on a farm in Lincoln Park. A record 45 Black Vultures and 250 Snow Geese. Recent "white bird" reports include: an all white Shoveler on the Hackensack-Ridgewood count at the Tappan Reservoir; a white Redtail on the Hunterdon plateau (that's about the 6th or 7th year for this bird); and all white house finches on Schooleys Mtn in Morris County. The Voice of NJ Audubon [(908) 766-2661] is a regular weekly report on birding in New Jersey. The tape is changed regularly on Wednesdays, more often when necessary. [Compiled by R. Kane, NJ Audubon; transcribed for National Birding Hotline Cooperative by L. Larson, llarson@ pucc.princeton.edu.] To report birds to the tape, call (908) 766-5787, or fax (908) 766-7775. For updates between tapes call the NJ Audubon Bird Mailbox, (201) 983-9152. Good birding, and thank you for calling.

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